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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), popularly known as drones, have been arousing the desire of photographers in the professional and hobby sector for several years. But the application potential of these airborne technology carriers extends far beyond aerial photography! Meanwhile there are a multitude of applications in industry, agriculture and forestry, science and surveying. Further fields of application of UAV/UAS/drones can be found in the military and in the context of authorities and organisations with security tasks.


Drones for professional use

We are developing and building unmanned aerial systems that are not intended for the mass market. Our efforts are specifically aimed at finding and implementing solutions for not just normal everyday tasks. This includes applications and functions that do not yet exist or are still being developed. A further focus is on the implementation of systems in application-based entire processes.What our market companions generously call Industry 4.0 is already our standard.


Aerial vehicles for police, fire brigade and other rescue services

During disaster control operations and exercises, drones of the state police are used alongside the task forces of numerous authorities. These drones fly over the affected area and transmit overview images and other data. Drones provide a unique bird's-eye view over large areas and thus the severity of an accident or catastrophe. The information gained from the drone, such as aerial photographs and other data is very helpful for making tactically correct decisions. In the future, police drones will play an important role in daily operations. Drones are also being used more and more by other emergency services, such as the fire brigade and technical services (THW).


Product focus

Our product portfolio focuses basically on two different systems which together cover a broad range of applications - our very compact Grabbit G6 and the all-rounder Kite 75.


Grabbit G6 security drone

Our Grabbit G6 is a very compact drone, whose main area of application is monitoring by several different camera systems.

This includes searching for human and animals as well as general surveillance or observation tasks. The Grabbit G6 combines compact design with an outstanding range of functions. It is ready for action in seconds, allows airtime of above 40 minutes and can be operated by only one person.

Its small dimensions allow the transport of drone, transmitter and acessories in one case, which can easily be transported in the trunk of a small car. 

Grabbit G6 Security Drone

Kite 75 professional drone

The Kite 75 is a multifunctional and professional drone system that can be easily converted and adapted to the most diverse application requirements.

Some possible application examples of the Kite 75 are:

Application of pesticides or determination of plant health
explosive ordnance clearance, e.g. landmine search
Camera aircraft for heavy cameras
research, air measurements, gas sensors
Inspection of bridges, motorways, routes and structures with the latest sensor and camera technology, as well as intelligent data connection and evaluation
Establishment of mobile networks and infrastructures, e.g. in the event of emergencies or military
Tethered systems, for many hours uninterrupted flight time 

Kite 75 Multifunction Drone