Drones and accessories for professionals

Our philosophy of developing innovative and practicable solutions and products for UAV/ UAS applications for professionals is also reflected in our accessories.



In different versions we offer practical drone accessories and much more for the professional application of drones.


    We develop and manufacture individual solutions for UAV/ UAS

    • Ground stations for UAV/ UAS
    • Video transmissions for UAV/ UAS
    • Transmitter consoles 
    • Charging stations for large batteries
    • Battery heating cases for safe heating of your flight batteries
    • Battery safety cases

    UAS/ UAV Ground Control Stations

    Meanwhile there are copies of our professional GCS EXPERT on the market. If you prefer the quality of the original instead of a copy, then please feel free to come to us!


    The vectorbirds GCS Expert is equipped with a Windows PC. The built-in keyboard with tracking wheel or touchpad, connected to the integrated remote control transmitter, allows you to steer your drone, as well as waypoint planning and mapping easily from the ground station. Thanks to the two built-in monitors, mission planners and one or more video streams coming from the drone can be viewed simultaneously. Further video interfaces and data transmission options such as an LTE connection are possible.

    The vectorbirds Ground Control Station EXPERT is powered by lipo or lithium ion batteries. A storage compartment is located in the middle of the Ground Control Station to accommodate the batteries and other accessories. Usually the same batteries are used to power the GCS as for your drone. The housing of this robust and durable Ground Control Station is made of impact resistant plastic. When closed, the case is jet-proof and dust-proof. 

    The GCS EXPERT is currently our largest ground station for drones / UAS. If you like it a little bit more compact, then you are also right with us. We have the suitable product for every requirement.