UAS- development and innovations

Development of innovative flight platforms, systems and solutions

We are a medium-sized German company dedicated to the development and small series production of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). 

UAS development and innovations are our daily business. We pay special attention to features that serve safety. The protection of your sensitive data also has a major role in our development processes right from the start.

Especially the use of UAS by police or other authorities puts high demands on data security. This is valid both for data transmission, which must be encrypted, and for the storage of the data material.

Another important item on our development agenda is the reduction of noise emissions. Here we work closely with the Fraunhofer IAPT Hamburg.

A summary of our objectives:

  • consistent lightweight construction
  • quick operational readiness
  • latest battery technology for long flight times
  • state-of-the-art autopilot sensor technology for increased operational safety
  • Compact designs
  • Modular structural components (drive unit, payloads)
  • open source code of all system and system- relevant software

UAS technology, progress and development

The rapid development progress in many technical areas opens up new possibilities for the use of high technologies in the UAS field almost daily. As different as the requirements for different UAS applications are, so individual are the technical solutions that have to be developed.

Development partnerships and innovation

In the development of our Unmanned Aircraft systems we rely on a close, respectful and open cooperation with our partners and our customers. In this way know-how is bundled and the solution possibilities are multiplied. In this way ideas are collected, solutions are developed and experience is gained, which is our basis for valuable innovations.

In close interaction with our customers from industry, research and public authorities, we create unique products with outstanding properties at all levels. Our flight platforms can be used as RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) as well as fully autonomous. In both cases all processes as well as live video feeds can be actively influenced by our GCS (ground control station) according to the Command & Control (C2) principle. 

Our intelligent UAVs are able to react to external influences by means of sensors. For example, it is possible to fly around obstacles on a planned flight route. In addition, several of our multicopters can also act as a swarm and perform a flight as a team or group. This innovative possibility of use is called "Swarming" or also "Unmanned-Teaming".

Information on the world drone market

Toy drones

The huge and unmanageable drone toy sector finds its buyers in the broad mass of the population and in all age groups. The enormously high sales volume, the mostly minimalistic equipment and planned obsolescence of such flight toys, allow the lowest prices and still high margins of the manufacturers.

Semi-professional UAS

The sales of the semi-professional UAS air platforms offered on the world market are mainly aimed at those groups of buyers who want to use the aircraft as a pure photo drone. The functional equipment list of the best known semi-professional UAS is quite impressive. The price is, compared to the features, moderate to reasonable. The rather low price in this class is also due to the high sales volume in this young market, which allows mass production of tens of thousands of pieces of a series. For hobby applications, semi-professional drones are perfectly sufficient in most cases. However, one should not expect miracles here, but at best solid and well developed technology.

Professional UAS niche market

The professional UAS market is a niche market, which, compared to the toy and semi-professional drone market, allows only small sales volumes and thus makes this sector of little interest to mass producers. Here, a niche market with great potential is opening up, especially for medium-sized UAV developers and drone construction companies that offer and develop special solutions.