Cable drone Kite75-Tethered

Kabelgebundene Drohne mit unlimitierter Flugdauer

With the Kite75-Tethered module, you can turn your Kite75 into a fully-fledged tethering drone. This powerful and very reliable module allows you to stay in the air with your drone for hours or even days without stopping.

Main components of the Kite75-Tethered module

Tethering Ground Station AVIOR

The main component of the Kite75 TETHERED module is a TGS (Tethering Ground Station) AVIOR. The TGS AVIOR provides the power supply for the entire dronesystem via a tethering cable from the ground. An Ethernet interface allows the connection of appropriate external components such as computers.

The TGS AVIOR can be powered from normal mains voltage, or typically from a power generator. The cable rewind is electronically controlled. Different power levels of the TGS AVIOR are available. 

Tethering Cable

The cable of this tethering system is flexible and very thin, but still extremely stable. It is primarily used for the power supply of the cable drone. Secondary a bidirectional communication between ground station and drone via Ethernet, as well as the complete control of the drone via the cable is possible. The cable length is selectable between 5 and 130m.

OnBoard Modul

The OnBord Module (OBM), which is used instead of the primary flight battery on the drone, provides the interface connection between the tethering cable and the drone. It transforms the voltage to the level required by the drone and connects the drone to the AVIOR tethering ground station via Ethernet. 

A battery remaining on the UAV serves as a fallback in case of power failure or interruption.

Kite75-Tethered - wired drone for unlimited flight time

Key data of the TGS AVIOR






Flight Time



Data Transfer

Kite75-Tethered - when every second counts

The Kite75-Tethered can be converted from cable drone to battery operation in less than 30 seconds without tools.

The Kite75-Tethered convinces with easy handling, high reliability and robustness. 

Features of the Kite75:

  • Theoretically unlimited uninterrupted flight time of several days
  • Flight altitude up to 130m on cable
  • Data transmission from and to the Kite75 via cable (option)
  • Control via cable (option)
  • Image transmission via cable (UDP video stream optional)    
  • Exact position holding with RTK GPS at any altitude (option)
  • Optical precision landing on landing platforms with 8cm accuracy (option)
  • Precision landings on moving landing platforms (boat, vehicle)
  • High payloads as cable drone, continuous power up to 2500 Watt (benchmark)

This is how cable drone works today!