Production according to EASA standard

Drones Made in Germany

We develop and produce our drones according to EASA standards.


Small series production

The production facility for our drones is equipped with large individual assembly tables. On these assembly tables we can simultaneously build two medium-sized UAS or a helicopter with a rotor circle of up to 3.0 m and a length of 3.5 m. You will look in vain for assembly line production at our site. Our production processes are designed for small series production and are partially automated.

The current production capacity is 6 drones of the type Kite 75 or Grabbit G6 per month. An expansion to 12 UAS per month is on the schedule.

UAS development and prototype production

The UAS prototype production takes place in the same production rooms. Several 3D printers are available for the prototype production, on which only draft samples are printed. For quality reasons, we have all 3D printed parts for serial production manufactured by an external service partner who is specialized in 3D printing.

Our workshop and production area

Rules and regulations

On 11.06.2019, the EU Commission published new regulations for the operation of drones. These will come into force bindingly from 01.07.2020. The law currently in force in Germany is already based on the forthcoming EU regulation, but changes will still be necessary.

Delegated Regulation 2019/945

Implementing Regulation 2019/947

We have summarized the most important facts of the EU drone regulation for you:

Classification of flight systems into three different categories:

  1. Open Category

  2. Specific category

  3. Certified category

  • Maximum flight altitude 120m above ground, so far it was only 100m in Germany
  • Reorganisation of the weight limits
  • Introduction of two new "drone driving licences" and a so-called LUC certificate
  • Depending on the class assignment, drones must be registered
  • Depending on the class, an Electronic ID may be required


The three different drone categories

Open Category - low operating risk

  • no permits are required
  • e according to risk there are minimum requirements, such as a "drone driving licence

Specific Category - increased operating risk

  • the operator of the UAS must carry out a risk assessment
  • a permit for operation is required

Certified Category - complex operating risk

  • the certification and operation of the UAS is similarly complex as in manned aviation
  • the pilot, the operator and the UAS must be certified


The Open Category is divided into different categories - A1 to A3 and drone classes C0 to C4.