Professional drone for industry and commerce

Kite75 - the professional and flexible drone system Made in Germany

In the field of professional industrial drone use, the vectorbirds Kite75 puts most other professional drones in the shade with its modular adaptability. Different equipment packages open up an adaptation of the Kite75 to almost any professional drone application. Reliability and durability distinguish it as a true professional drone for industry, trade and commerce.


Kite75 Quadrocopter and Octocopter

the Kite75 is available in two drive versions

  • long flight time
  • low weight
  • high payload capacity
  • High reliability

Professional drone for industrial purposes with modular design

The Kite75 is a professional drone system that can be equipped with various camera systems, gimbals and other functional payloads, such as sensors, spray tanks, Trichogramma drop tanks, LTE and radio routers and many other payloads. Thanks to the Payload Quick-Change System, changing the payload is done in no time and without the hassle of plugging in cables.

    Modules for the Kite75

    The SAR (Search and Rescue) payload module consists of a 360° rotatable three-axis gimbal with a high-quality infrared thermal camera and zoom camera, designed for searching for persons under difficult conditions.

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      The Mapping module is a high quality GNSS Surveying package with centimeter accuracy and baseline 60km in RTK and 100km in PPK, consisting of base (ground) and rover (drone), and a high quality camera gimbal with high resolution camera for surveying and mapping/mapping in RTK and PPK, and PPP.

      The TRICHO payload module consists of a trichogramma container and a control system for fully autonomous flight and dosage control for the release of trichogramma capsules against corn borer infestation and others.


        The Pyload module INSPEKTION consists of a 360° rotatable three-axis gimbal with high quality infrared thermal camera and zoom camera, for the inspection of roofs and building facades, solar plants, wind turbines or industrial plants.

          The TETHER module is intended for missions that require an extraordinary long flight time with only a small necessary radius of action. The Tether module includes a Tether ground station, which ensures the power supply of the drone via a cable. At the same time, any data can be transmitted via the cable, as well as the complete control of the UAV.


          more Information about the Kite75-Tethered

          The CUSTOM payload module consists of a payload adapter that can accept a wide variety of customer-specific payloads.

          Typical payloads for this module are e.g.

          • sensors,
          • external gimbals,
          • carrier devices,
          • grippers,
          • load hooks

          The CUSTOM module provides both the mechanical and the electrical connection between the payload and the drone. In addition, three different supply voltages and several data and control interfaces are available at the CUSTOM module.

          The payload module TinyDual is our buget solution for a gimbal with thermal imaging camera and daylight zoom camera.



          • Professional drone with various professional zoom cameras and FLIR infrared cameras.
          • Industrial drone for monitoring
          • Firefighting drone with thermal imaging sensors
          • Cable drone for stationary permanent use
          • Agricultural drone for agriculture, forestry, infrastructure and much more.



          The multifunction handle is not only for carrying this universally usable professional drone. The OLED display integrated in the handle shows the most important information of the flight control during the booting process. Optionally, the handle can also accommodate a 360° anti-collision system.

          EASA-compliant lighting in conjunction with the raised arrangement in the handle guarantees exceptionally good flight attitude recognition even at dusk and at night. This brings additional safety, which is not only of high importance for professional drone use.


          Kite75-Tethered and Kite75-Inspection for professionals

          Feature Kite75 - Tethered Kite75 - Inspection
          Flight altitude 130m 500m
          Flight time >40h 45min
          Action radius limited by cable limited by flight time
          Data transmission cable or radio radio
          Image & video transmission cable or radio radio
          UDP video stream yes (optional) no
          Remote control cable or radio radio
          GNNS/GPS yes (optional) yes (optional)
          RTK GPS yes (optional) yes (optional)
          PPK GPS yes (optional) yes (optional)

          Max. Payload Kite75 Quadrocopter / Octocopter: 2.0 kg / 5.1Kg

          • Max. Total weight (TOW) Quadrocopter / Octocopter: 9 kg / 13kg
          • Flight time: depending on motorization and payload: up to 50 minutes / theoretically unlimited in tether mode
          • Permissible wind speed 36 Km/h (10m/s)
          • Technically possible operating temperature range -10° / +40°, higher temperatures possible with additional cooling
          • FPV HD camera vertical 120° tiltable for straight view or ground view
          • Data and telemetry interfaces for own applications
          • Safety lighting:
            • Lighting OFF/ON via transmitter,
            • Color signature switchable via transmitter,
            • Switching possible between standard/orientation lighting with position lights and stroboscope according to §17 LuftVO / SERA 923/2012
            • Lighting units: 6
            • Illuminant: RGB LEDs
            • Color patterns and sequences individually possible on customer request (special equipment)
          • IP protection class: IP 52 (protected against dust and vertically falling dripping water)
          • Multifunctional handle with integrated lighting (patented)
          • Drive arms foldable with 5° horizontal inclination for optimal flight characteristics, lighting integrated in arm
          • Landing gear electrically retractable/extendable via remote control
          • User manual/ instruction