Inspection drone for industry, agriculture and forestry

The Kite75-Inspection payload module is designed for use in industrial, commercial, agricultural and forestry applications to perform inspection tasks with drone.

Highly efficient and powerful

The Kite75-Inspection is a powerful all-round aircraft vehicle, which can be equipped with different camera systems and other functional components for a wide range of applications.

The Kite75-Inspection is powered by high performance batteries. In combination with a perfect matching of all components it achieves outstanding flight times and an extended range of action compared to other UAV systems.


With just a few simple steps, every Kite75 can be switched from battery to cable operation (Tethered System cable drone) within minutes. Our unique Tethering System is available as an accessory.


Application examples Kite75-Inspection

  • Inspection drone for buildings
  • Object inspection with Thermal Cameras
  • Bridge and construction inspection for damage
  • State of repair with high-resolution HD zoom camera
  • Aerial photographs of buildings and other objects
  • Plant protection and evaluation of plant health in agriculture
  • Corn borer control by Trichogramma dropping
  • Forest inspection with multispectral camera for assessing tree health
  • Assess damage caused by wind breakage or bark beetle infestation
  • Object detection in industry, military and infrastructure
  • Landmine detection
  • Drone for various humanitarian purposes

Adaptable to any application

The Kite75 Multicopter is available with different motorization and as Quadrocopter or Octocopter. From the "Long Endurence" with lithium ion battery to the power package for high payloads, everything is possible. The Kite75 is the right carrier platform for many applications.