Professional unmanned air vehicle for search and rescue missions

The Kite75-SAR was designed for professional drone application in search and rescue missions. The Kite75-SAR is predestined for use in strong wind and rain. Here the Kite75-SAR shows its strengths compared to other multicopters. 

The Kite75-SAR is "state of the art" professional unmanned air vehicle for search and rescue missions.

Module SAR - thermal imaging camera and daylight camera

Dual Gimbal für Search and Rescue missions

Our drone Kite75 with the module SAR enables in particular the search for persons also at night and under adverse weather conditions.

Drone with thermal imaging and zoom camera for search and rescue missions

The Kite75 - SAR achieves outstanding flight times of up to 50 minutes, guaranteeing a large action radius. Its long flight time in combination with the high quality thermal imaging camera, makes the Kite75 - SAR the perfect drone for searching for very weak heat sources, such as hypothermic persons. 

Searching for persons with the Kite75 - SAR is possible both during the day and at night. The high-quality thermal imaging camera of the Kite75 - SAR plays to its strengths at night or in very poor light conditions. 

Often, only small uncovered parts like hands or the face of a missing and already hypothermic person still emit a very weak residual heat. The temperature difference to the environment is often very small. By no means every drone with a thermal imaging camera is capable of detecting even such weak temperature differences. The thermal imaging camera of the Kite75 - SAR, on the other hand, is capable of displaying even very small temperature differences, which drastically improves the chances of success in a search for persons. 

The high optical resolution of the thermal imaging camera of the Kite75 - SAR enables the search for persons with the drone even from an altitude from which most other drones with thermal imaging camera and lower optical resolution already fail, or offer little prospect of a successful search for persons.