Corn borer control with drone and Trichogramma 

With the payload module "Tricho" your Kite75 becomes a powerful drone for plant protection and corn borer control. The module consists of a container for Trichogramma capsules, as well as a controllable ejection mechanism for exact dosing of the Trichogramma quantity.

Besides the possibility of dropping Trichogramma capsules, the Kite75 is also suitable for many other tasks in agriculture.

Environmentally friendly and efficient for ecological farming

The method of biological corn borer control in maize with Trichogramma is environmentally friendly. The use of drones for the application of Trichogramma capsules is very efficient and in addition to saving time it also brings a reduction in costs and optimal use of recources.

The corn borer is the biggest pest in maize. It is causing huge problems for more and more farmers, especially in southern Germany. Massive infestations result in significant yield and quality losses. The most promising preventive measure is deep plowing of the corn stubble and corn straw. However, this method is only successful if these sanitation practices are carried out consistently and without exception by all farmers in the infested area over a period of years. At locations that do not permit clean and deep plowing without stubble residues, direct control with insecticides or beneficial insects, as trichogramma has so far been unavoidable.


Your advantages

  • Ensuring mize yield and quality
  • Very effective control of the corn borer population
  • Aerial application possible even in moderate wind and rain conditions
  • Can be applied regardless of soil conditions and maize stage
  • No development of resistance of the pests against Trichogramma
  • Biological pest control for increased consumer acceptance