Tactical UAS for reconnaissance and observation

As a tactical UAS for reconnaissance and observation, the Grabbit G7 impresses on the outside with its compact and straightforward design. Inside, however, it hides a whole range of useful features and specialties that make it particularly suitable for surveillance tasks, search and rescue, and reconnaissance. This makes the Grabbit much more than just a BOS drone with thermal imaging and zoom camera.


Data sheet

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Ready to fly in record time

The standby mode enables takeoff within a few seconds

In addition to the normal cold start mode, which only takes the Grabbit G7 about 1 to 2 minutes under normal circumstances, the Grabbit G7 offers a standby mode that allows the user to put the Grabbit G7 on standby some time before a mission without having to connect a drive battery.

This allows the Grabbit G7 to be safely placed in standby mode while still in the emergency vehicle or in a protected location. When the mission command arrives, the Grabbit G7 is out of standby mode into takeoff position and ready for takeoff in less than 10 seconds. 

To decouple the flight controller's IMU from fluctuating outside temperatures, it is heated to 50°C after initialization. This usually happens completely unnoticed and within one minute. In very cold outside temperatures, this heating process can take a little longer and unintentionally extend the startup time. The IMU of the Grabbit G7 is already heated up in standby mode. In this way, the Grabbit G7 is ready for takeoff immediately after plugging in the flight battery from standby mode. 

Exceptionally long flight times thanks to LiIon battery technology

The Grabbit G7 achieves exceptionally long flight times of over 40 minutes*.

This is achieved by its lightweight construction combined with state-of-the-art LiIon battery drive technology. Thus the Grabbit G7 sets new standards!

* Measured with quadrocopter drive unit and dual gimbal with FLIR 640x480 and RGB camera with 20x optical zoom.

Sophisticated EO/IR Payload

Multi-Kamera-Gimbalsystem mit EO/IR-Kameras mit Tag- und Nachtsichtmodus


Multi-camera gimbal system with EO/IR cameras with day and night vision mode.

Mechanical stabilization of the sophisticated multi-camera system is achieved by means of gimbal suspension. Additional software image stabilization enables a smooth image even when the gimbal stabilization is stressed beyond its limits.

In addition, the Grabbit G7 payload has unique features such as

  • Object tracking
  • Geolocation
  • Detection of fire and smoke
  • Detection of people in water (including drowning) 
  • License plate recognition
  • ...

ICE Cybersecurity Suite

The ICE suite provides 3 protection tiers for the data and control link:

  • Communication Immunity
  • Cyber Security protection
  • Data Encryption AES128, AES256