Vectorbirds airborne systems - Unmanned aircraft systems Made in Germany

We develop and build unmanned aircraft flight robotic systems and UAV accessories

We are an innovative, mid-sized drone manufacturer in Germany. Our core business is the development and production of small series of drones / unmanned aircraft systems for extraordinary operating conditions.


    As a German drone developer, we build drones in small series and prototypes for different application areas.

    We develop and manufacture among others:

    Drones for industry,

    drones for police, 

    drones for fire departments, 

    drones for search and rescue services, 

    drones for authorities,

    Drones for inspections,

    Tactical drones for task forces

    The business focus of our company is on special solutions in the field of multicopter and helicopter robotics.


    Why Vectorbird's drones?

    Vectorbirds - a medium-sized company

    Fast reactions to market changes and new developments in the industry are important to keep up with the times. Large companies are often very limited in their ability to react. We can respond quickly to changes. This is the best way to achieve real innovations for the benefits of our customers. 

    Vectorbirds - UAV manufacturer in Germany

    We develop and build unmanned flight systems according to the latest European guidelines and legislation. Our flight platforms are "Made in Germany", developed in Germany and produced in Germany. Our drones comply with the CE conformity regulations.

    Examples of own UAV developments

    Grabbit G6 - Search and Rescue

    Our super compact Grabbit G6 was developed especially for observation and Search & Rescue. Its unique features make it the ideal tool for police, security services and other authorities. The Grabbit is equipped with state-of-the-art flight, control and camera technology, offers an exchangeable drive system and much more innovations.

    Kite 75 - Multifunction

    The Kite 75, developed in-house, is perfectly suited for use in industry, agriculture, infrastructure and research.

    Kite 75 Tethered System - cabled drone

    The kite 75 is also available as Tethered System. In this configuration, the Kite 75 is powered by a Kevlar cable from a ground station. The data transfer and control can be done either via a radio transmitter or also over the tethered cable using the included gigabit data line. The Kite Tethered System theoretically allows unlimited flying time. The system is therefore predestined for missions where stationary operation of the drone and extended interruption-free air time of up to several hours are required. Typical areas of application are the operation of rescue forces in major emergencies, the establishment of infrastructures such as LTE or WiFi, and scientific measurements.