The company Vectorbirds airborne systems

Vectorbirds airborne systems is a German company, founded in 2019, whose core competence lies in the development and production of safe, reliable and durable UAV- special systems for the European market.

Manufactured at the company's own site in Bilshausen/ Germany, the tactical aerial robotics products, with take-off weights between 1 and 80 kg, are used by security forces, fire and rescue services, as well as in agriculture, research and industry.

The Core Team

Peter Henning

CEO und Gesellschafter

Telefon: +49 5528 . 999 3050
Mobil: +49 176 . 98173233


Marcin Matysiak

Sales & Business Development Poland

Telefon: +48 665 325 833


Adrian Haxiaj

Adrian Haxhiaj

Sales & Business Development Österreich & Südosteuropa

A-1170 Vienna

Mobil: +43 676 61 73 774

The story behind

Jochen Anglett, one of the company's co-founders, started designing and building drones in 2010. The young, and rapidly developing technology of unmanned aviation, was fascinating to the creative thinker and aroused his inquisitiveness to experiment with this technology.

Almost at the same time, Peter Henning, also a later co-founder of the Vectorbirds company, began to turn his attention to the challenging area of functional helicopter modeling. The main focus was on passing on theoretical and practical knowledge in numerous seminars, workshops and flight training courses.

After a quite short time, both turned their hobby into a profession, and founded their first own companies, "ZEN-Drones" and "Heli-Planet" in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Also at that time, the two flight enthusiasts got to know each other on the airfield of the joint air sports club. There they exchanged a lot of experience and knowledge and started their first joint projects.

The deciding factor for the weighty decision to found Vectorbirds airborne systems at the beginning of 2019 was a market study, which revealed a formal vacuum in the application of German technology in wide areas of unmanned aviation, worldwide and above all in Europe.

We have now made it our business to develop and build reliable and durable flight systems, Made in Germany, which are convincing both technically and economically. Our focus is on the use of materials and components manufactured in Europe or other NATO member states.

We are aware of our responsibility and see it as our duty to bring products characterized by sustainability and environmental compatibility to the European market. This is for the benefit of all and will contribute to the strengthening and growth of the German and European economy.

Our products comply with the applicable European standards and technically already meet the new mandatory European rules and regulations that will come into force at the end of 2022.