Drone services for structures, Photovoltaic plants, monuments, bridges, roads and railway tracks

The idea of using drones as a regular tool in industry and the construction sector is not entirely new. Nevertheless, drones have not yet been used for drone inspections or maintenance analyses to the extent that would be technically possible. But the share of drone services is growing steadily.

Drone inspection, as we offer it as a service for structures, photovoltaic-plants, monuments, bridges, roads and railway tracks, brings several advantages over conventional inspection methods. For example, drone inspections no longer require all maintenance and inspection personnel to be present on site during the drone inspection. Rather, the aerial images taken by the drone service provider during the on-site drone inspection are conveniently delivered digitally. Drone inspection is particularly worthwhile for hard-to-reach inspection objects and areas, as there is no need to use expensive helicopters, scaffolding, lifting platforms or even industrial climbers. 

Conventional inspection of an industrial plant or structure is very costly, depending on the type of inspection or maintenance analysis. For some inspections, scaffolding had to be erected in the past. This made inspections very labor and time intensive. With drone inspections, bridges or historic structures that are attributable to public transportation can be inspected on a recurring basis at low cost. Thus, changes that may threaten public safety can be responded to in a timely manner.

After a storm, such as a hailstorm or heavy snowfall, it may become necessary at short notice for experts to obtain a picture of the condition of the damaged structure. This is the only way to find out whether the statics or load-bearing capacity is impaired. Drone inspections can be carried out at short notice without a long preparation and planning period. Drone inspections are therefore an effective means of detecting major and minor damage in a timely manner.

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Inspection with drones and thermal imaging camera on photovoltaic systems

Solar and photovoltaic systems are becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, they are used on building roofs as well as on large greenfield sites. Even though solar and photovoltaic systems are relatively wear-free and low-maintenance, trouble-free operation requires regular inspections and maintenance analyses. Photovoltaic systems can be thermographically inspected at regular intervals using a drone and thermal imaging camera to detect any impairment of function and potential loss of performance in good time.

The inspection of a photovoltaic system with the drone usually includes the creation of daylight aerial images in combination with thermographic aerial images. By evaluating the aerial images created with the drone, impairments in the function of the photovoltaic system, for example due to damage or soiling, can be detected clearly and at an early stage. In this way, the operators of the photovoltaic system are given the opportunity to react at an early stage and avoid losses.

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