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In our widespread partner network of professional drone application experts you will find the right drone, the suitable equipment and the necessary know-how for any case of usage. So we are also well prepared for your special application. 

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A high-resolution infrared camera system is used for thermographic recordings. With this technology weak points or disturbances of the functionality or structure of the objects can be determined.

Possible fields of application are thermographic inspection on 

  • Facades of industrial and residential buildings
  • Roof surfaces and photovoltaic systems
  • Pipelines
  • Industrial and production facilities
  • and much more...


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The aerial photographs taken with our calibrated multi-spectral sensors are the basis for the calculation of digitally evaluable indices. The main applications of this technology are

  • Yield forecasts for forestry and agriculture
  • the detection of plant stress and diseases
  • and the classification of the vegetation state
  • and indirectly also the respective soil conditions.

In order to guarantee a high quality in the evaluation of the data, the solar radiation is recorded by an additional sensor and taken into account in the later evaluation.

Above larger detection areas, fixed-wing aircraft (fixed wing) or VTOLs (vertical take-off and landing) show their strengths to the full, such as greater distances that can be covered and longer flight times.


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It doesn't matter whether landscapes, buildings, structures or other objects - every project requires suitable answers to surveying questions. We use laser scanners, photogrammetry, echo sounders and special sensors to record and digitise spatial data for a wide range of applications. Large-scale terrain surveying with VTOLs, high facades, alpine slopes, airy bridges, large landfills, pits that are difficult to access, steeply sloping quarries, huge open pits and indoor flights are all possible.


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Professional aerial photography, whether as pictures or video, requires conscientious planning and preparation, as well as obtaining the necessary permits. With modern and powerful recording technology for optimal image quality, we are certainly not alone on the market. What makes our services unique is the fact that, thanks to a specially developed gimbal, we are able to work with high-resolution cameras of up to 150 megapixels at fixed focal length. The results cannot be distinguished from man-made solutions.


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We produce high-resolution aerial photographs for industry, commerce and private use.


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