Drones for Intervention forces police

Special applications require special solutions

The trend towards using drones to perform daily tasks can also be seen in authority institutions like police and other intervention task forces. Today, police drones are just as much in use as drones for special task forces, but also by quite normal surveillance and security services in Germany and throughout Europe. Police drones are mainly used for observation, surveillance, detection and search and rescue missions.

Easy handling, low weight as well as exceptionally long flight times are some of the characteristics drones for police have to fulfil. 

Our unique Grabbit G6 offers all these features. It was developed in Germany and meets all European standards and legal requirements. 

Special requirements

Authorities such as the police often have established drones task forces especially trained for the use of drones during operations. Police drones, are ideally always cann be carried in the task force vehicle and should be ready for action in the shortest possible time with just a few simple actions. The limited space available in the mission vehicle requires a very compact transport size of a police drone.


Practical usability of police drones in the focus

Drones for police, which have foldable arms will show their strengths in terms of safety and practicability compared to drones with plug-in/screw-on arms. Folding arms can be brought into operating position in a few seconds, whereas the installation and screwing of plug-in arms takes an unnecessary amount of time. Some UAV systems on the market even allow the arms to be inserted incorrectly, which creates a high risk of damage. In addition, the electrical contact to the drone's body is established via plug contacts. This is another potential source of failure.

Carrying arms that can be snapped up for transport are clearly the better choice for police drones in terms of usability in practice. Our Kite 75 as also our Grabbit G6 is equipped with folding arms and both drones will be ready for takeoff in about 30 seconds. This is an important feature for the use of drones in police operations. The kite 75 only requires a transport area of less than 50cm x 50cm at a height of 58cm. Even much more compact is our Grabbit G6.

Payloads for special operations

Drones for police are typically equipped with thermal imaging or infrared cameras (FLIR). Drones are used by the police and SWAT teams primarily for tracking and surveillance purposes. Images or videos can be streamed in real time to screens, smartphones, tablets or other imaging devices far away from the police drone. Overlay of images, as well as picture-in-picture functions are of great benefit. Drones for police and SWAT can also be used to establish or expand communication networks by using one or even more drones as transmitter/ receiver or repeater.


Operational scenarios for police and SWAT

The application options for drones for police are manifold. Equipped with the proper equipment, they are used for surveillance and operational support of police, special commands and for the preservation of evidence. The possible applications range from search and rescue operations to storm damage assessment, forest fire prevention and observation, support in major accidents and catastrophes such as floods, earthquakes and accident situations in impassable terrain or involving hazardous materials.

We will be happy to advise you and adapt our services to your specific application scenario.

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