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No problems - just challenges

Vectorbirds - expert in innovative UAV system development

Our expertise lies in developing intelligent, unmanned aerial systems for various applications. As your development partner, we implement your individual, innovative, and future-proof UAV solution.

Put your trust in drones made in Germany.


With Vectorbirds, you are not only investing in technological innovation but also in the confidence of relying on a high-quality solution.

Our meticulous design and stringent quality controls make our drones a reliable choice that meets the highest standards. Not only do we offer advanced technology, but also the peace of mind that you are investing in a trustworthy, high-quality, and therefore durable solution.


With Vectorbirds Airborne Systems, you are not only making a technologically advanced choice but also an environmentally responsible one.

We are proud to contribute to minimizing the ecological footprint in aviation technology through our sustainable design, thus helping to protect our environment.

Data integrity

Our advanced drone systems have been developed with the utmost care to ensure that the integrity of your data is maintained at all times.

We place particular emphasis on sophisticated radio transmission systems, such as encrypted communication protocols and secure data transmission technologies, to guarantee the highest level of data security.

Our partners and clients