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Vectorbirds Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is to shape life through the development of modern aerial robotics and to make the world a little safer and better. We see opportunities in challenges and use our technology with conviction and pleasure to create innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers.

Our mission

Our mission is to significantly influence Europe's technological development in the growth sector of unmanned aerial systems. We strive to strengthen the European economy in this area and to be competitive on the international market. We rely on mutual trust and reliability to make our contribution to a progressive and secure world, even in challenging times.

Contribution to defense capability

We are actively committed to maintaining and expanding the Bundeswehr's defense capability. Through our technologies, we want to make a significant contribution to ensuring the security of our country and supporting the Bundeswehr in its defense tasks.

Basic values

Our actions are always characterized by responsibility in the interests of the company and the people associated with it - whether as owners, partners, employees, business partners, customers, neighbors or fellow citizens. We are convinced that every successful development starts with an idea, and we look forward to continuing to transform ideas into innovative technologies, thereby making a sustainable contribution.


Managing director

Peter Henning