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TELEVATOR 100 - Mobile drone system for flexible deployment scenarios

Mobile, flexible, unmatched

VectorBirds is developing the innovative TELEVATOR 100 system together with respected industry partners. This state-of-the-art tactical drone system consists of a UAV carrier platform, a ground control station, and a Kite75T tethered UAV.

An outstanding feature of TELEVATOR 100 is its ability to take off and land from a mobile platform. Integration on vehicles makes the system extremely useful for flexible deployment scenarios. The possibility of installation on vehicles not only ensures mobile use but also rapid relocation of the system. This is particularly invaluable in dynamic and rapidly changing scenarios.

TELEVATOR 100 enables efficient use of the UAV carrier platform from a vehicle, while the Kite75T tethered UAV extends the range of applications. This innovative combination is versatile and ideal for applications such as surveillance, reconnaissance, and security checks in different environments.

TELEVATOR 100: Tactical drone system with versatility for mobile operations

The TELEVATOR platform offers an outstanding tactical drone solution with impressive versatility, especially for use on military and police vehicles.

Vibration-decoupled carrier platform:

The carrier platform, mounted on the vehicle in a vibration-decoupled manner, houses a sophisticated cable system. This system not only ensures the UAV's power supply, but also secure data transmission. Even under difficult conditions such as GNSS interference, poor visibility or a loss of control of the system, it enables the UAV to land safely and precisely on the platform.

Autonomously operating Kite75T:

The Kite75T tactical drone acts autonomously and follows the vehicle. With various payload modules, such as an LTE base station, the Kite75T can enable tactical forces to communicate within a radius of several kilometers. A radio relay module is also available to bridge longer radio distances.

Versatile applications:

TELEVATOR is characterized by its versatility. It enables the super-fast establishment of communication networks, serves as a router and repeater and can take on tasks in close-range reconnaissance. With the ability to carry various cameras, sensors and additional technology, it can also be used as a stand-alone battery-powered UAV in the conventional way.

Integration into TAK software:

Seamless integration into the softDie TELEVATOR-Plattform bietet eine herausragende taktische Drohnenlösung mit beeindruckender Vielseitigkeit, insbesondere für den Einsatz auf Fahrzeugen bei Militär und Polizei.

Versatile use:

The TELEVATOR system is not only designed for military and police use on vehicles, but is also suitable for many other applications where mobility and the features described are of crucial importance.

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