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Vectorbirds Airborne Systems

Pioneer in German drone manufacturing

We are an innovative, medium-sized drone manufacturer in Germany. Our main focus is on the development and small series production of drones/UAVs for exceptional operating conditions, with a clear focus on individual solutions in the field of multicopter robotics.

Our motto: “No problems - just challenges”

Innovation from the forge of SMEs

Vectorbirds - a medium-sized company

Quick reactions to market changes and new developments in the industry are important to keep up with the times. Large companies are often very limited in their ability to react. We, as a medium-sized company, can react quickly to changes. This is the only way to achieve genuine innovation for the benefit of our customers.

We develop and build unmanned aerial systems following the latest European directives and legislation. Our flying platforms are "Made in Germany", developed in Germany, and produced in Germany. Our drones comply with CE conformity regulations and the EU Drone Regulation.

Examples of own developments

Grabbit G6 and G7 - Search and Rescue

Our Grabbit was developed specifically for surveillance, reconnaissance and search & rescue. Today, the 4th edition of the G7 version boasts unique features that make it the ideal tool for police, security services and other authorities with security tasks. The Grabbit G7 is equipped with state-of-the-art flight, control and camera technology, is the world's first drone to offer an interchangeable drive system and much more.

Kite 75 - Multifunction

Thanks to its modular design, the Kite 75 developed by us is ideally suited for use in industry, agriculture, infrastructure and research.

Kite 75 Tethered System - cable drone

The Kite 75 is also available as a tethered system. In this case, the drone is supplied with power from a ground station via a Kevlar cable. Data transmission and control are either via radio or the tethered cable with an integrated Gigabit data line. The Kite Tethered System offers theoretically unlimited flight times and is ideal for stationary missions as well as longer, uninterrupted flights of several hours. Areas of application range from rescue operations in the event of major emergencies to setting up infrastructures such as LTE or WiFi as well as scientific measurements.

What happens next?

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