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Vectorbirds: Advanced UAV technology for professionals, military and authorities

Discover our innovative UAV system solutions from our German development and production - for technological progress, quality, and precision. Innovation for demanding applications.

Ready for top performance, ready for Vectorbirds.

Innovation and precision in unmanned aerial vehicles

At Vectorbirds, we have developed two advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that fully represent our commitment to precision and quality.

With Vectorbirds you can rely on real professional drones.


Kite 75

The Kite 75 is an extremely versatile UAV. Its modular design enables a wide range of different payloads. With its impressive payload of over 5 kg, this system is used in particular for surveying and inspecting buildings and industrial plants. 

Taktisches UAV Grabbit G7

Grabbit G7

The Grabbit G7 is a tactical UAV with a TOW of 3.1 kg and globally unique features. It is equipped with a highly developed camera payload and AI and is therefore particularly suitable for public safety missions (BOS) and military applications.

Innovative tether solutions

Optimize your drone performance with the tether system solutions from ValoFly and Vectorbirds - for longer flight times and optimized deployment options. FLY UNLIMITED. THINK UNLIMITED. Welcome to the future of drone technology!


Televator 100

The Televator 100 is a mobile take-off and landing platform for multicopters. The vibration-decoupled platform can be installed on vehicles or real estate. The Kite 75 T drone can take off and land from this platform from a stationary or slow-moving vehicle, and can also be used in tether mode.


Explore the versatility of UAV tethering systems. Unlimited flight times, larger payloads, and improved data collection using advanced tether cable data transfer technology. Revolutionary solutions for your requirements.

Vectorbirds: Your exclusive development service provider in the UAV sector

We develop customized professional drone system solutions, precisely tailored to your application. Experience outstanding technologies and comprehensive system innovations for the highest demands. Your solution for Industry 4.0 challenges - exclusively from Vectorbirds.


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