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Tether Solutions - cable powered drones

for unlimited flight duration

Tethered Ground Station (TGS)

The wired drone solution for unlimited flight time

The Tethered Ground Station (TGS) transforms the Kite 75, Grabbit G7 and other UAVs into powerful tethered drone systems that can stay in the air for hours or even days without stopping.


Main components of the tethering system

Wired drone system

The tethering system consists of three main components:

  • Tethered Ground Station (TGS)
  • Tethering cable
  • OnBoard Module (OBM)

Tethering Ground Station

The central component is the Tethering Ground Station (TGS), which ensures the power supply via a flexible and thin tethering cable. An optional Ethernet interface enables external components to be connected to the TGS. The TGS is available in various performance levels and equipment variants.


Tethering Cable

The tethering cable, thin and stable, supplies the cable drone with power and at the same time enables bidirectional communication and data transmission. The cable length is variable between 15 and 130 meters. A fiber optic cable is used for higher Ethernet transmission rates. It should be noted that the weight of the cable should be regarded as an additional payload. 


OnBoard Modul (OBM)

The OnBoard Module (OBM) replaces the flight battery on the UAV and forms the interface between the tethering cable and the drone. It transforms the voltage and enables the Ethernet connection with the TGS. A buffer battery in the OBM or on the drone provides additional reliability.


Features of the Tethered Ground Station (TGS)

  • Theoretically unlimited flight duration
  • Flight altitude up to 130 meters on the cable
  • Optional data transmission, control and image transmission via the cable
  • Optical precision landing on landing platforms (optional)
  • Precision landings on slow-moving platforms (boat, vehicle)
  • Conversion from battery to tether operation in a few simple steps, without tools

These features make the Tether Ground Station from ValoFly an outstanding solution among cable-powered drones.

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