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Grabbit G7 tactical UAV

Highly sophisticated and unique

The tactical UAV Grabbit G7 - is the ultimate tool for effective surveillance and reconnaissance! Its compact design hides an impressive arsenal of powerful features that make it the optimal choice for critical missions such as surveillance, search and rescue. With advanced technology, the Grabbit G7 goes far beyond the functions of a conventional BOS drone - experience first-class performance thanks to its advanced thermal imaging camera, 40x daylight zoom camera and night vision capability, and other globally unique features.

Grabbit G7 - the unique combination of design and functionality! 

The Grabbit G7 impresses with its easy handling - it can be dismantled into its components without tools, which can be stored in a space-saving transport case. The drive unit can be folded up and the landing frame or landing unit can be dismantled. This not only makes transportation easier but also enables quick assembly on site.

Practical innovation for maximum flexibility!

Grabbit G7: Revolutionary features for top performance

In addition to the normal cold start mode, which only takes around 1 to 2 minutes for the Grabbit G7 under normal conditions, the Grabbit G7 offers a standby mode that allows the user to put the Grabbit G7 on standby well in advance of an operation without having to connect a drive battery.

This means the Grabbit G7 can be safely placed on standby in the emergency vehicle or at a protected location. When the mission command is given, the Grabbit G7 is ready for take-off in less than 10 seconds from standby mode.

To decouple the flight controller's IMU from fluctuating outside temperatures, it is heated to 50°C after initialization. This usually happens completely unnoticed and within a minute. At very cold outside temperatures, this heating process can take a little longer and unintentionally extend the start time. The IMU of the Grabbit G7 is already heated up in standby mode. In this way, the Grabbit G7 is ready for take-off immediately after connecting the flight battery from standby mode. 

The sophisticated multi-camera system is mechanically stabilized utilizing a gimbal. Additional software image stabilization enables a smooth image even when the gimbal stabilization is pushed beyond its limits.

In addition, the payload of the Grabbit G7 has unique features such as

  • Object tracking
  • Geolocation
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Person in water detection (including drowning)
  • License plate recognition

Tool-less interchangeable drive unit and tool-less interchangeable landing gear: The Grabbit G7 redefines the standards by being the world's first and only UAV with a tool-less quick-change drive and landing unit. This unique feature not only enables immediate operational readiness after damage but also significantly reduces acquisition, operating and maintenance costs, as around 80% of damage typically affects the landing gear, propellers, motors or flight controllers. In the event of damage, simply replace the entire drive unit or the landing gear with a spare unit and continue your mission without significant interruption.

A replacement drive unit costs only a fraction of the cost of a complete Grabbit G7. With this ground-breaking function in your luggage, you increase operational safety considerably.

Changing the drive and landing unit is child's play and can be done directly on-site in just one minute.

By replacing it with a different type of landing unit, for example with floats for water landings, you are optimally equipped for a wide variety of surfaces and conditions.

Experience long flight times and ultimate performance with the Grabbit G7. State-of-the-art LiIon battery technology sets new standards and enables flight times of 40+ minutes*. Discover the future of drone technology - reliable, powerful and ready for any challenge!

* Measured with quadrocopter drive unit and dual gimbal with FLIR 640x480 and RGB camera with 20x optical zoom.

The Grabbit G7's switchable innovative RGB LED lighting guarantees excellent visibility at dusk and at night.

Selectable sequences and a wide range of colors guarantee optimum visibility. The optional IR lighting enables invisible night-time use without revealing the position of the Grabbit G7. With a total of 7 lighting units, the Grabbit G7 sets new standards for safe and flexible flying operations.

The Grabbit G7 is equipped with a LIDAR-based obstacle avoidance system that detects obstacles in the front direction and thus protects against collisions. Optimum safety for smooth mission sequences.

The Grabbit G7 enables flight times of several hours with local use on the tether. With the option of simply switching to tether operation, it theoretically enables unlimited stationary missions without a stopover. Flight altitudes of up to 60 m AGL are possible without any problems. Power is supplied via the cable. A buffer battery on the Grabbit G7 ensures operational reliability.

Bidirectional data transmission via Ethernet over the tether cable allows not only control, but also operation of the payload and video transmission - all without a radio link.

The Grabbit G7 uses an advanced multi-band GNSS receiver for exceptional precision in spatial orientation. Compared to conventional GNSS systems, multi-band GNSS enables more accurate positioning by using multiple frequency bands simultaneously.

The innovative ground camera in the Grabbit G7 enables position HOLD even without a GPS signal. By scanning the ground using the downward-looking optical flow camera, the Grabbit G7 can stay on the spot, especially in buildings or shielded terrain where GNSS signals may be weak. The optical flow feature ensures precise positioning depending on the conditions up to a height of approximately 15m. Practical solutions for various application scenarios!

With the telemetry status monitoring of the Grabbit G7 BOS, you always have an up-to-date overview of the most important UAV data. The color display of the GCS allows you to quickly read the telemetry data transmitted in real time. This includes flight duration, battery voltage, current, battery capacity drawn, remaining capacity indicator, flight altitude AGL and ASL, geocoordinates of the drone, number of satellites, quality of GNSS signals and much more. Precise information for optimum control and monitoring during the entire flight.


The Grabbit G7's silent mode enables missions to be carried out without a radio link to the GCS. This function allows the Grabbit G7 to operate in complete silence without communicating with the ground control station. Ideal for missions where unobtrusive and autonomous operation is crucial.

With the Grabbit G7, you can experience first-person view video using two cameras - one facing downwards and another facing forwards. This innovative dual camera configuration enables improved orientation for the pilot.

Fly with a clear view and maximum precision!

The Grabbit G7 not only impresses with its technology, but also with its sophisticated design. The integrated handle makes it easy to transport to the place of use and allows the Grabbit G7 to be carried with just one hand. What may seem unimportant at first glance turns out to make handling really easy at second glance.

A well thought-out feature for more flexibility on every mission!

The Grabbit G7 autopilot meets the highest safety requirements and is equipped with a triple redundant IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). Two of the IMUs are damped and heated, while one remains undamped as a reference. This ensures reliable and precise flight control under various conditions. With the modern ARM® Cortex® H7 processor, the autopilot is ideally equipped for future features.

Fly with confidence and maximum safety!

Drive unit

  • tool-free exchangeable / removable drive unit 
  • tool-free exchangeable / removable landing gear
  • highly efficient brushless ESCs
  • motors of the latest generation
  • 15/16" CFRP folding propeller 
  • drive units with 4 or 8 rotors (bicopter from quarter 3/2024)

Power consumption

  • 300 watts
  • Maximum speed
  • Vmax 60 Km/h
  • Flight time with payload
  • 35 - 45 minutes

Autopilot/ flight control

  • Autopilot system with currently highest level of development
  • 3-fold IMU redundancy, 
  • 2x barometer, 
  • 3x magnetometer
  • Optional RTK GPS for centimeter-precise positioning
  • Data logging of all processes and measurement data in real time

EO/IR camera system

  • ZOOM: X40 (X20 + X2 digital)
  • FOV: 60° WFOV - 3° NFOV - 1.5° DFOV
  • PITCH: -45° to +135°
  • YAW/ROLL: -180° to +180°
  • OnBoard computer vision for long range tracking of moving objects.


  • Laser Lidar downwards for precise height determination
  • Obstacle Avoidance Sensor forwards for obstacle detection

Image transmission

  • 2.4 Ghz digital HD image transmission
  • Range BVLOS up to 30Km

Control system

  • 2.4 or 868 Mhz transmission frequency 
  • option adjustable frequencies between 2,3 GHz and 2,7GHz
  • Telemetry on the control panel/ GCS with up to 20 parameters in graphic real-time display

Ground unit

  • HD monitor with live image transmission
  • OSD with real-time telemetry data
  • Battery monitoring with safety functions
  • Processor temperature monitoring with active fan
  • HDMI output for additional monitors or HD glasses
  • LAN connection for integration in mission control center software with telemetry data and image stream as well as Mission Commander interface
  • WiFi hotspot,
  • telemetry data and image stream to tablets or smartphones
  • USB connection for control via external encoders


  • Drive unit with 8 rotors for flights according to EU classification C2 / A1
  • LTE module for connection to cloud infrastructures or blockchain-based data acquisition
  • Landing and charging platform for autonomous operations without personnel on site
  • All-in-one transport trolley for safe transportation of the UAV with integrated ground and charging station

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