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European corn borer control with drone and Trichogramma

Kite 75 Tricho for corn borer control

Environmentally friendly, efficient and resource-saving

The method of biological corn borer control with Trichogramma is environmentally friendly. The use of drones to apply the Trichogramma capsules is very efficient and, in addition to saving time, also reduces costs and makes optimum use of all resources. 


Control of the European corn borer with drones

Preventive and sustainable

The European corn borer is the biggest pest of maize. It is causing enormous problems for more and more farmers, especially in southern Germany. Massive infestations lead to considerable losses in yield and quality. The most promising prevention is deep plowing of the corn stubble and corn straw. However, this method is only successful if these hygiene measures are carried out consistently and without exception by all farmers in the infested area for years. In locations that do not allow clean and deep plowing without stubble residues, direct control with insecticides or beneficial insects has been unavoidable up to now.


Advantages of biological corn borer control with Trichogramma

  • Safeguarding maize yield and quality
  • Very effective control of the European corn borer population
  • Aviation possible even in moderate wind and rain
  • Application possible regardless of soil conditions and maize stage
  • No development of resistance of the pests to Trichogramma
  • Biological pest control for increased consumer acceptance

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