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Kite 75 Mapping - Surveying drone

Maximum precision and easy handling

Kite75 - Surveying drone for precision RTK surveying

RTK measurement with Emlid Reach technology

The Kite75 mapping drone sets new standards in precise RTK surveying from the air with the integration of EMLID Reach RS2+/RS3+ technology. The mapping package, equipped with one of the most modern multi-band GNSS and NTRIP support, is further optimized by the Emlid Reach.

Position fix in seconds

The Emlid RS2+/RS3+ system provides a fixed solution in seconds and delivers robust performance even in difficult conditions. With centimeter accuracy, distances of up to 60 km in RTK and 100 km in PPK mode can be achieved.

Versatile GNSS support

The Emlid Reach RS2+/RS3+ supports GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo. With a variety of frequencies, including L1C/A, L2C, L1OF, L2OF, B1I, B2I, E1B/C, E5b, it ensures the highest precision in positioning.

PPP support

Recording raw position data in RINEX format enables post-processing with services such as OPUS, AUSPOS, and PPP. This means you can obtain accurate results anywhere in the world. The free PPK software Emlid Studio is available for precise post-processing.

Robust storage and LTE modem

With a generous 16 GB internal memory that allows for 160+ days of recording at 1 Hz, the Emlid Reach offers extensive storage options. The built-in energy-efficient LTE modem with 2G/3G fallback and global coverage allows independent transfer of corrections via NTRIP without relying on an internet connection on the phone.

Long operating time

The Emlid Reach offers an impressive operating time, up to 22 hours of autonomous operation when recording data and up to 16 hours as an LTE rover, even in cold weather. The ability to charge via USB-C from a USB wall charger or power bank eliminates the need for spare batteries.

With the combination of the Kite75 mapping drone and Reach RS2+ technology, high-precision surveying solutions are available for a wide range of applications.

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GCS Software

The included ground control software makes it easy to create surveying missions. Any number of recurring survey projects can be saved and reloaded at any time as required.

The rover and base are conveniently set and controlled via an easy-to-use app available for Android and iOS.

You can use the app to control all functions of the GNSS receivers, e.g. set up a base station, log RINEX data, configure the NMEA output, and monitor data. Logs are automatically recorded directly in RINEX in the internal memory. You can display a list of logs directly in the app and download them.


One appliance - versatile applications

Kite 75 surveying drone

  • Mapping of agricultural and urban areas,
  • surveying of traffic systems such as railroad tracks and roads,
  • construction progress documentation,
  • drone-supported volume calculations in opencast mines and landfills,
  • official damage documentation,
  • airborne accident reconstruction,
  • building inspection and BIM,
  • facade surveying and documentation,
  • as well as for many other applications in agriculture and forestry

Kite75 Surveying module - Specifications


  • Static horizontal 4 mm + 0.5 ppm
  • Static vertical 8 mm + 1 ppm
  • Kinematic horizontal 7 mm + 1 ppm
  • Kinematic vertical 14 mm + 1 ppm


  • LoRa radio
  • Frequency range 868/915 MHz
  • Distance Up to 8 km
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.0/2.1 EDR
  • Ports USB, UART, Event


  • Corrections NTRIP, VRS, RTCM3
  • Position output NMEA, LLH/XYZ
  • Data logging RINEX with events
    with update rate up to 20 Hz
  • Internal storage 16 GB


  • Signal tracked GPS/QZSS L1C/A, L2C
    BeiDou B1I, B2I
    Galileo E1-B/C, E5b
  • Number of channels 184
  • Update rates 20 Hz GPS / 10 Hz GNSS

Georeferencing by drone with centimeter accuracy and few ground control points

Save time and reach hard-to-access areas

The Kite 75's high-quality mapping drone features allow you to drastically reduce the number of ground control points (GCPs), simplifying the field setup process and enabling you to accurately map even remote and hard-to-reach areas.


High-precision synchronization between camera and GNSS

On many other drone systems on the market, the autopilot triggers the camera and records the current coordinates. If the drone flies at 20 m/s and the GPS operates at 5 Hz, this means that your autopilot only receives precise position values from the GPS every 4m. This is by far not enough for precise georeferencing. In addition, there is always a delay between the triggering and the actual moment of recording.

Our Kite 75 mapping system allows for high-precision coordination between camera trigger and corresponding GPS position acquisition with 1/1000 of a second accuracy. Accept nothing less.

Georeferenced data for further processing in Agisoft or PX4D

The georeferenced aerial images generated with our Surveying drone Kite75 Mapping can be easily processed with various photogrammetry software such as Agisoft or PX4D. 

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