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Ready for rescue missions with our Kite 75 SAR

Effective rescue from the air when every second counts

Intelligent camera system with night vision and high zoom

The Kite75 SAR is equipped with a state-of-the-art EO/IR high-zoom camera system that also enables night vision.

The top version offers an impressive 80x magnification (40x optical, 2x digital) with night vision, a high infrared image resolution of 1280x720px and a 360° all-round view.

Camera payload options for the Kite 75 SAR

Download Datasheet Kite 75 SAR camera-payloads


Professional technology vs. toy

A look at the differences in thermal imaging camera resolution

A thermal imaging camera with an already quite good optical resolution of 640x512px offers 4 times the number of pixels of a camera with 320x256px!

Low-resolution thermal imaging cameras are completely unsuitable for use in SAR missions. A successful and fast search for people or wild animals is almost impossible. We therefore rely on high-resolution cameras for professional applications.

Kite75 - SAR

for efficient and successful people searches

The Kite75 SAR impresses with a flight time of up to 40 minutes and a high-quality thermal imaging camera, ideal for searching for weak heat sources such as hypothermic persons.

The Kite 75 SAR enables an efficient search for people both during the day and at night, whereby the thermal imaging camera can display even the slightest temperature differences in order to locate people who are already hypothermic.

Thanks to the high optical resolution of its camera system, the Kite75 SAR can search quickly and successfully from altitudes where other SAR drones fail.

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